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Magical Giveaway: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll from Books of Dela

Maybe all of you have watched nice movie titled "Alice In Wonderland", genius creation from Tim Burton. Have you? Nice movie, isn't it? Well, I was fascinated to see how creative, how Gothic... and how's the way he imagine about grown-up Alice. But, have you known about little Alice? I mean, her story when she first visited Wonderland?

I must admit, story of Alice in Wonderland sounds familiar to me, but actually I never read whole story. I just know, she's little girl, who slipped to the hole under the tree, and found magical world with many amazing creatures. But after that, I really don't know, how the story continues, and how it ends. So, about a week ago, I went to a bookstore, searched for this Alice book. And I found it. The one which is published by Wordsworth Classic. This book also includes its sequel, "Through the Looking Glass". I was so glad to find it's so affordable, so without thinking twice, I bought it. And, I didn't regret it.

Now, I've already finished it, and frankly it was great. Simple language, dreamlike, atmosphere, and fantastical characters with famous illustrations. And, I was thinking on time, oh, you should read it too! So, I decided to give this book for one of you. For free!!!

What you have to do are..

1. Be this blog follower.
2. Leave comment in this post. Submit your name and email.
3. Share this giveaway with your friends in your blog, tumblr, twitter, facebook, or whateva! Don't forget to give me the link.

This is it! Simply easy, right? I'll be waiting until.. umm.. how about the end of April? Ao, I'll announce the lucky one on May 1. I can't wait for your participation! :)


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