Jumat, 10 April 2015

i forgot to bring my journal

The thing I always try not to forget when I am on trip anywhere is my dear journal. My very private notes of babblings, daily stories and random shit.I always try not to leave it behind. Since I'm so introvert and quite quiet person I rarely interact with other passengers during trip so all I do in a trip is usually to read or write something. Especially when I travel alone. I know I shouldn't do that. I waste my time to socialize and getting new friends. I know. Everyone keeps telling me that.

My favorite writing time is my time going back hometown. Now as i lose more and more time to write -in the name of work, exhaustion, laziness or mere having no thing to write about, time in hometown is so precious because everything, every sound, every element seems to stimulate me to pick my pen and pour the words out.

That's why I felt so lost now when I got time to go home and the thing that I left behind was no other than my beloved journal. I feel like I lost something precious. Like I didn't wear my undies or forgot where my phone was.

I kept catching lines in my mind, seeing interesting things just to find i didn't have my journal to write them into.

So I made the list. List of things I should bring when I travel so I won't forget important things and regret on later time. I know that this list should be made ages ago when I found that traveling is important in life and I should do it at least once a year. But, better late than never, right?
hi, it's been awhile. i missed being here..