Jumat, 18 November 2011

love ur room, just like i love mine


love my room because it's only in there i can be the real me. No pretense. No trying to please anyone else. Just me. a place for knowing my self.

Is that what you feel as well about your room?

I wrote that when terrant books popped up at my timeline offering a giveaway which the gifts were a bunch of bookshelf, nightlamp and their package of books. They held this giveaway collaborating with viesidea.

it's not only about really want to get the prize. what i really meant when writing those was pure will to voice my mind. What i really feel about my room. The old and new one.

my old room in hometown, Cirebon, accompany my lonesome, hatred, excitements, moody, shallowness and all those deepest secret of mine.

While this new room here in Bandung, accept my hollow inside and those empty but motivating hopes of mine about love, life and future relationship.

This is the only place i could be honest to myself, what i really want from this life.

What your room means for you?

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