Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

my mood my life

What is your mood? Interesting books, good movies, lovely music and other readings. I feel like lost in the depth of the stories, felt like I was there, watching and going through all the characters' experiences. Oh, plus good foods and journal-writing time.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Cirebon, Indonesia from the day I was born. I sometimes hate this small hot-weather town which has crappy beaches. But I know that wanted or not, I am attached with this town.

What was your dream last night? I hardly remembered what I dreamt last night. That was totally blurry. But I memorized something foggy about failure and lonesomeness. Euw.

What is your favorite store? Second handed books and magazines store, I've spent hours upon hours there and hardly noticed. And if I lucky enough, I will get very good books in low cost.

What is your hobby? Umm, lemme think.. I am reding in mostly my spare time and that is one of my most favorite time in life. But I love to cut some interesting articles and pictures from some old magazines and newspapers and arrange them into my own booklet.

What is your fear? Doing things I am not comfortable with. Abandoned by my loved ones.

What is on your wish list? A writing job, although my edu-background doesn't really fit with that. Macbook to write down my stories. Ow yeah just call me technologically retarded! Lots and lots books of fairytales in my private library which I wishfully own someday. And a leather-bound journal.

Your friends? Books and journals mostly. And all my girls who are very supportive to me.

Where do you want to be in six years? Living at my own home with my hubbie and my baby, in a cluster home perhaps, because I am not really into apartment.and hopefully that will be in other place but this small-hotty town. I wish for something colder and greener place.

Your life? Is quiet poor. I am jobless with thousands wishes. I have to get through a continual-6-months therapy for my lungs infection. But I have a great supportive parents, they seem so understand with millions of failures which frequently happened in my life for these recent months. I try to keep writing and trying though. Being in deep failures felt so suck but my life is still long way to go.

the questions were taken from clara's blog

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