Sabtu, 26 April 2014

i should've known

i'm trying to write again after a loong hell of time. yes, i wrote the previous post to participate in this writing competition sponsored by one bay resort in Bali.

i thought i still embrace that spark in these hands of mine so they could amazingly craft a bundle of words into lines. into story. into things readable enough.

guess, i was wrong the whole time. i lost that spark. lost it a long time ago when i refuse to write for the sake of names and times and exhaustion.

i should've known earlier, there's no achievement retrieved in an instant. people strive for things they yearn so much. me just hoping miracle comes  and shift the result into my grasp. but no, i should've known life doesn't rotate that way.

so, this is the start of me put a first fight out of many that will come onward. i won't go down just by this slight fall. yes, i won't. that 10.000 hours spirit is within me. i'll reach that spark back and let myself shine. one day. yes, one day.

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