Jumat, 04 Juni 2010

Once again.. Owl City, dear friends..

This relates to my sterling-abnormal liking to Owl City's songs. To Adam Young's voice and words.

For quite long time i have been wondering why is it the reason of my desperate needs to hear Owl city's songs over and over again?

Well, what i got so far is that those rhythm and words rhyme remind me of imaginary things that i've been longing for so long..

Remind me of Narnia, lush tropical woods, green stepa with horses sprint around, snowflakes fall tinkle the delicate velvet coats, fairies sprawl upon tiny treehouse, ocean waves hitting the shores, blue skies, Alice and her wonderland, of little Sara..

of dreams
of missing love
of misery
of laughter
of useless hatred
of contentment
of luscious smiles
of memorable moments

of life.

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