Minggu, 24 April 2011


K : who's him, Al?

She shrugs, doesn't tell K any clue.

K : someone i know? Or someone i don't know?

She shakes her head, still holds on to her silence.

K : you won't tell me, will you?
A : you won't tell me, either!
K : about what?
A : about him..
K : no fair. Topic-switching.
A : fair enough for me..

I just smirk, knowingly. I know she makes her point.

A : so??
K : so?
A : is he someone i know? We both know?

A's stare is curious. Knowingly-curious. Like she really knows something. K assumes she indeed knows about him, just needs to be convinced about it.

K : per..haps..
A : ah..
K : perhaps yes.. Or no..
A : you play game here. It's no wordzap, Ke, please..

K giggles.

K : i don't know, Al.. I, myself, am not really sure about it.
A : about what?
K : about what i feel for him..

One of A's brows lifted, stares at K judgingly.

K : i don't know. I'm not really sure whether this feeling is true or just another camouflage of a longing to unknown figure..

A now looks at K seriously.

K : i feel like selfish-mad wench, ya know.. After neglecting him for like.. forever, now just burst into his life and asks for his attention. His love. Like.. It's not right. The wound's probably still there. Not right to ask him for not giving up on me, for going after me, strive me back after all things that happened while ago. It's not fair for him. Really.

A : so..
K : so, perhaps, i just miss my best boy-friend back..

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