Senin, 02 Juni 2014

hey, june...

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hey, June..
hello midyear that always makes me yearn for the previous months to return to so i wouldn't feel so old.

starting last may, i decided to go back to the class reviewing this language i rarely use. 
it's nice to be involved in a routine which requires you to write things you know you love. and it's nicer to have routine that compel you to go back and forth in an environment where passion fills the air. 

and starting this month, i'm gonna challenge myself in writing department. i make this personal challenge called weekly writing project. so, once a week, i'll come up with a premise, can be retrieved from any source, and try to write an article out of it.
first premise comes from one of the article about the meaning of a name. i'll try to share what's within my name on the next post.
once a week sounds tiny and insignificant, but for someone so eager to put off things like me, that is a proper number. wish me luck.

so, June, be nice to me. and be more productive.

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