Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

at home

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i had some kind of love and hate relationship with homecoming trip. Probably it is because i usually travel back home after night shifts. Tiring ones. So, it’s kinda hard when you were super sleepy and you had to have a long 5-hours trip ahead.

And my days at home are relatively boring. They had sleeping, tv, and shopping in the activity schedule. Which is good actually because my sleeping routine is kinda wreck there in Bandung. So it is such an improvement for me to frequently sleep just after clock hits 9 p.m.

But i love being at home. Really do.

Where else could you see green was so very contrast with the pale-colored soil in the beginning of dry season?

And you find heat so uncomfortable yet familiar in a good way?

And you would be greeted by the sound of water splashes from fishes swim here and there in the pond.. or bird chirping on the trees nearby?

And you feel familiarity of smelling old bed and pillow sheets?

And you feel that pang of longing travelling to pathways in town, less-confusing than ones at bigger city?

And at the end you must be back to routine leaving hometown and say i’m gonna miss you.

Just like old love, isn’t it?

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